An honest herbal, organic dye has many benefits. The biologically active substances they contain will make your hair shine and give it volume while increasing its natural elasticity. The natural ingredients are also much gentler on your body as well as the environment.

Natural dyes not only dye the hair but also maintain a healthy appearance.
How exactly do natural dyes work?
The best quality natural-dye consists of 100% organic farming. They consist of various dried grounded plants and woods.
These are mixed into a viscous substance, with hot water and depending on the colour, a bit of apple-vinegar.​
There are several plants providing different shades of colour: indigo, walnut shell, chamomile, turmeric, beetroot, caraway, coffee, saffron and many more. The synergy of the various phyto-pigments determines the quality of the mixture and the colour shade. Since it’s a physical hair colour, the pigments wrap around the hair like a layer and adapt to one’s own hair colour. The own hair colour plays an important role in colouring. Since your natural hair colour consists of more than just one tone, dyeing with natural hair dyes results in a natural play of colours and unique outcomes.
From blond, red, brown, to black tones many colours are possible. And with a double dyeing process, even a 100% grey coverage is possible. However, I personally prefer a colour with slitty different natural shades. Besides, it will grow out more gently without a hard transition. Some other positive effect is that the hair feels thicker, it shines more, looks more vivid and feels stronger. In the first 2-3 weeks, it also has more volume.
Another plus for those who tend to have an oily scalp is that the production of sebum will decrease for the next 2-3 weeks as it has a calming effect on the sebaceous glands.

What doesn’t work with natural dyes?
Going from a darker to a brighter colour (the colour does often seem brighter, though).
Different colour changes from light to dark and back such as purple tones do not work either.


Make every day a great hair day! Much love,