about me

Growing up in a big Greek family in Germany, I got to learn and experience how diverse we all are.

Greek, German, English and Dutch speaker, I consider myself a curious being who thrives in international environments and deeply enjoys listening to people’s stories. In fact, I see the true gem in them.

In the complex world we live in, I care to keep life simple and fun. Continuous exploration is vital.

I started re-shaping myself when I was 24. It all came about when I became curious, and felt the need to look deeper into myself  – and explore others as well. In a way, I actually found myself coaching others unknowingly. Only with time, and thanks to my training as a professional hairdresser/make-up artist, I would move on to a holistic view binding beauty, nature and health together. I enrolled in a training programme to become my true me: a professional coach.

Ever since I look at the world through the eyes of a child: I wonder about everything, and am always ready to discover the hidden treasures people carry.

Are you ready to become your own true gem?

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