Connect with your true treasures. 

The journey to unlock your hidden treasures is filled by wonder because there’s a world to discover both within and without of yourself. In times of crisis, we are shown the way through our own unique treasures. By exploring your inner beauty combined with your outer beauty, we connect and play together.
Whatever you want to re-shape and transform,
let the magic happen.
 the magic will happen through


the act of true self-care – Self-love.


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Re-shape your feelings

My coaching techniques vary from person to person and are designed to fit your needs and flow. Together, we connect with your inner feelings – your inner voice – the voice that wants you to embrace your essence, create new healthy habits, and let old thought patterns go, so that you can become who you truly are. You are a unique, one-of-a-kind gem. 

What's included?

Creating a greater level of health and well-being
Exploring of meaning and spirituality
Connecting mind to heart
Unlocking your creativity
Exploring your talents
Business coaching
Connecting to your intuition
Unveiling your ideal career
Releasing fears and phobias
Creating wealth and abundance


*Price information upon request. I offer exclusive individual packages.


Feel good, Live well, Look good. 




beauty coaching


Sometimes an eco beauty-coaching session  sparks an inner (r)evolution. Do you feel as though your outer-self matches your inner-self? Your style should reflect your journey and the discovery of your hidden treasure. Now is the time to shine. 


What's included?

During our initial beauty-coaching session we connect to how you feel on the inside and playfully match the inner-self with the outer-self. We then co-create a beauty treatment designed for you. It could include:

Hair-cut and styling,

Mindful hair-cut

100% herbal colouring

Hair and scalp analysis 

Make-up and skin-care

*Price information upon request. I offer exclusive individual packages.

Look good, feel good, live well.

The Power of Natur


To continue to live your life​ abundantly, we explore minimalism. By decluttering your bathroom and​ your spirit, you give yourself more space to feel light-weighted and connected to the world around you – all of the while you’re having fun.

What's included?

A coaching session where we examine why and how you can declutter, and map out a new journey for you to understand health, beauty, and nature. 


Together, we invite curiosity into a self-care exploration and have fun with daily rituals through the use of 100% natural, organic, and vegan products to cater to your beauty needs.

In my studio I do have a collection of a view honest organic and also vegan brands that I’m working with. I’m happy to share this gems with you.

Live well, look good, feel good.



Let the magic happen! 

I will respond within 2-3 days to set up an appointment.

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Some client love

“The coaching sessions I had with Stamatia were truly powerful and created the space for me to reconnect with myself and my true potential in the most wonderful and unexpected way. 

— V A L E R I E   I A N C U,  L O N D O N

Some client love

Every visit is areal pleasure! It took me 10years to find my hairdresser in Amsterdam. But Stama is not just a hairdresser actually, she is a true hair expert! Thank you, Stama!”


— A N T O A N E T A  T O D O R O V A


Are you ready to become your own true gem?

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